ASPIRE: Association of Students Promoting Innovation in Real Estate

ASPIRE is a student group dedicated to helping Stanford students pursue careers in real estate by opening doors to alumni through networking and educational events. 

As the student counterpart to SPIRE, ASPIRE seeks to:

  • EDUCATE students about various facets of the real estate industry
  • INSPIRE student interest in real estate and land development
  • PROMOTE socially-responsible real estate practices
  • CREATE opportunities through alumni mentorship and networking

ASPIRE's Three Pillars 

ASPIRE provides a platform for students interested in real estate to interact with both each other and alumni in the industry. We provide opportunities for students to learn from alumni in a one-on-one mentoring capacity as well as through organized events. Job shadowing and internship opportunities are available to interested students vis-a-vis alumni members of SPIRE and their respective companies. 

ASPIRE seeks to cultivate student in real interest in real estate. To help students gain a more thorough understanding of the real estate industry, ASPIRE hosts educational events, including guest speakers, real estate industry panels, hands-on projects and informational workshops that highlight various aspects of the business.

ASPIRE values the potential of real estate both as a professional pursuit and a vehicle for social change. The practice of real estate provides opportunities to promote sustainability and to address socioeconomic issues. To this end, ASPIRE welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines to build real estate expertise. Such expertise may help prepare students to take charge in repairing blighted neighborhoods and to take leadership roles in their communities. Furthermore, we promote sustainability and social impact within our community and the world through our programs.