The Three Pillars of SPIRE

I. Alumni Professional Networking

SPIRE provides a platform for Stanford alumni and students to interact with one another in a professional and social setting for their mutual development. SPIRE is working to provide opportunities for alumni which will include continuing education, seminars, research opportunities, symposia, meetings and teleconferences on a variety of topics aimed at developing their skills and training as real estate professionals.

II. Student Outreach

SPIRE is focused on connecting current Stanford students with the vast and distinguished pool of Stanford alumni engaged in real estate careers. It provides students with opportunities for mentorship, visiting guest lectures, internships, and off-campus property tours. The intent is to provide opportunities for students to learn from alumni in a one-on-one setting as well as through organized events.

III. Educational Program Development

SPIRE is working to engage with Stanford University in a formal educational capacity and help promote and implement a multidisciplinary educational program in the fundamentals of real estate. This may include guest lectures from SPIRE participants and affiliates, as well as full course development with the long-term goal of developing an organized real estate institute on the Farm that will be recognized as one of the leading programs in the field.