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The REFM Guide To The Real Estate Business (E-Book) by Bruce Kirsch

Welcome to the REFM Guide To The Real Estate Business! This guide has been kept concise so that it can be read in a single afternoon.  It is written on a basic level and is primarily intended to bring up to speed those with little prior exposure to the world of real estate.  However, there is likely something of interest in the guide for readers of all levels of expertise.

The guide takes a big-picture view of the industry and attempts to show how all of the pieces fit together.  It is by no means an exhaustive treatment, and is best read as a companion to Professor Peter Linneman’s Real Estate Finance & Investments:  Risks and Opportunities textbook, with the Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms at hand.

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Principles of Real Estate Syndication by Sam Freshman

This work is a "how to do it" book with definitive and up to the minute easy to understand thinking on real estate syndication theory and practice. The book contains excellent examples and illustrations. Within the many pages the ideas and illustrations can be applied to any type of business enterprise including Entertainment, Oil and Gas, Timber, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Venture Capital, Import and Export, and all other kinds of industries. THE AUTHOR Samuel Freshman has long distinguished himself in the legal and real estate field.

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PEAK by Chip Conley

Chip Conley presents a creative and thought-provoking new approach to running a business. He brilliantly applies Abraham Maslow's theories to  management and provides insightful prescriptions that will help you gain peak performance in your company. Conley's depth and candor make this book a  must-read for everyone who wants to improve their organization.

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Marketing That Matters by Chip Conley

Using real-life examples from Patagonia, General Mills, Clif Bar, and many other companies, Marketing That Matters shows how to define your company's mission, goals, and potential audience in ways that are flexible, creative, and true to your organization's core values. It offers ten practices to engage customer using innovative marketing techniques.

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Greed to Green by David Gottfried

One man’s journey — From greedy real estate developer to a founder of the green building movement. David Gottfried transformed not only his life, but also the world. He started his career as a successful real estate developer in Washington, D.C., during the go-go ’80s, pursuing wealth and maximum consumption. With the market crash in the early ’90s, he had an epiphany that led to his pioneering role in the green building movement. Gottfried’s twenty-year journey involved great personal struggle as he broke from the traditional teachings of his successful father, of Stanford University, and of his wealthy developer cousins. He then turned his life around to take on the $3 trillion global building industry—pushing it to embrace sustainability. Through his inspirational story, David Gottfried teaches us that we can change our industries and ourselves, and help the planet in the process.

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Place and Property Strategy by Stephen Roulac

AT LAST! THE INSIDE STORY to help you answer the most important question in property in the twenty-first century.  The decision makers who control the big bucks insist you go beyond pretty pictures, computer printouts, Power Point presentations and hype.  To get their approval...to get the funding you want... they demand you answer one big question... WHAT IS YOUR STRATEGY?

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The Rebel Rules: Daring to be Yourself in Business by Chip Conley

When he was 26, Chip Conley broke the two cardinal rules of starting a business: he invested in an industry about which he knew nothing and he ignored the mantra "location, location, location." He bought a notorious "pay-by-the-hour" motel in a seedy San Francisco neighborhood.

A dozen years later, Chip is the "boy wonder" of the American travel industry, famous for his entrepreneurial genius, creativity, and sense of fun.

In The Rebel Rules, Conley shares his success secrets. He focuses on the primary traits -- vision, passion, instinct, and agility -- that characterize today's fast company leaders. His guidebook doubles as a toolbox for anyone -- whether a virgin entrepreneur or a corporate manager -- who wants to walk in step with today's business innovators.

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REFM’s Seven Elements of Successful Real Estate Investing (E-Book) by Bruce Kirsch

Welcome to REFM’s Seven Elements of Successful Real Estate Investing E-Book! The Seven Elements framework is intended to give structure to and increase the potential for success of your real estate investment pursuits. The Seven Elements can be seen as steps to be executed in order, but when we are pursuing more than one investment at a time, we will naturally be performing more than one step simultaneously. When it gets busy, it is helpful to have a framework to follow to keep things straight from one transaction to another.

Based in Arlington, VA, REFM was founded by Bruce Kirsch in 2009. Mr. Kirsch is a recognized expert in and top instructor of Microsoft Excel-based financial modeling for real estate transactions. Through REFM, Kirsch has trained both new and experienced real estate professionals in financial modeling from a wide variety of real estate businesses, organizations and institutions, including private equity, development, brokerage, trade groups and government.

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Greening My Life by David Gottfried

David Gottfried founded the first green building council, which has since been adopted in 80 countries. He also created the LEED® Green building rating system. But after years of spreading the green building gospel and starting several non-profit and for-profit sustainability companies, Gottfried was exhausted, unhappy and alone. He had a back wrecked by years of stress, lived in a rental and had a string of short disappointing relationships behind him.

So he decided to apply the principles of conservation to a non-renewable resource–himself.

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