Northern California Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame Honors Banquet - November 9th - A Landmark Event!

The Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame Honors Banquet was a special night to honor the past, present, and future of Stanford’s influence on the real estate industry.  Burnham Pavilion was filled with alumni, faculty, and students as the attendees were treated to a dinner and program that highlighted the three missions of Stanford Professionals in Real Estate. 

Honoring legendary real estate alumni Malin Burnham and Henry Segerstrom for their legacy in the real estate industry SPIRE President Chad Hagle inducted these two men into the Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame. The event was held in Burnham Pavilion as a tangible example of the support and commitment that Malin has to the University.  Malin, his wife Roberta, and alumni grandson Brian were in attendance and Malin shared his appreciation for Stanford and the many associates and colleagues that have helped him to accomplish so much.  Henry Segerstrom was unable to attend however former Graduate School of Business Dean Bob Joss graciously accepted on his behalf and extolled Henry’s unique vision and determination. Howard Wolf, President of the Stanford Alumni Association, took the podium to share his congratulations for the honorees and congratulate SPIRE for its many achievements in so short of time since its founding in 2009.

For information and tribute videos on Malin Burnham and Henry Segerstrom click here.

Patrick Orosco, SPIRE Vice President, recognized the current achievements and individuals at Stanford.  Patrick introduced faculty in attendance that are teaching real estate related courses and recognized the approximately forty students that had been invited to attend sponsored by SPIRE member companies.  Brendan Millstein and Forest Flager two recent graduates shared insights regarding their Stanford education and how they are applying their expertise into innovative real estate companies. 

Patrick announced SPIRE’s commitment to be a sponsor of Stanford’s Solar Decathlon team.  Stanford has a team in US Department of Energy international competition.  Derek Ouyang and Rob Best are leading the 40 member Stanford Student team in their competition to design and build a 1,000 sq ft net zero home that demonstrates solar efficient technologies that are available today.

For information on Stanford’s Solar Decathlon Team  - start.home

Lastly, Chad Hagle introduced the Stanford Real Estate Innovation Program (REIP) a student driven initiative to facilitate multi-disciplinary real estate programing at Stanford. Chad interviewed a panel of four current and recent Stanford students that have sponsored this initiative.  They expressed their desire to have greater access to real estate related courses across the campus to enhance their ability to have an impact after graduation.

We thank everyone for their involvement in making this event great and look forward to many more! To view the video from the event go here