San Francisco: Tour of The Austin

A record size group of forty-five SPIRE members and guests geared up in PPE (personal protective equipment) on the evening of April 12th to join Hans Galland (MSM '13), Senior Vice President of Pacific Eagle Holdings Corporation and his team for a hard hat tour of the The Austin, a community which will house 100 residences, amenity retail on the ground floor and 2 levels of Underground Parking, located at the border of Nob Hill and Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco. 

Designed around a concept of frames, The Austin’s large white rectangles add to the City’s skyline from a distance. But from a closer view, it becomes apparent that each window itself frames a unique perspective of the city from each residence. The white-clad and glass façade reflect light and make the building pop from the streetscape. The three facades that gradually slope up Pine Street give the property a sense of purpose and help anchor this neighborhood that continues to evolve and recreate itself. SPIRE guests huddled in a large lift for a ride up to the 11th floor to get an insider’s look at one of the units under construction, most notable was the view from its floor to ceiling windows. This Arquitectonica-designed building fronts both Pine Street and Austin Alley and rises twelve stories with bright, open and airy spaces, which epitomize modern, luxury condos.

“Developing The Austin is not about building a building,” according to Hans Galland (MSM ’13). “It’s about joining forces with the community -- to re-imagine a neighborhood for the property to grow up in as a citizen of its future. This approach is essentially urbanist – where we regard context as dynamic and malleable, where we work outside-in, rather than inside-out.” When asked how this location for The Austin was chosen, Galland responded, “It was easy. All we had to do was see where the coffee shops, barber shops (for the trending beard trimming service) and bike paths were popping up to confirm we had found the sweet spot.” They detected the early signs of Milllenial activity and knew the time and place were right.  

The project was scheduled for completion within 20 months, but due to record winds and rain this winter, has been delayed and should be completed by the end of 2017. Sales for available units range in price from $675,000 to over $1,400,000. 

Following the tour, SPIRE members and guests walked to Whitechapel SF for dinner, drinks and networking. The Victorian Gin Palace, a private dining area modeled after the ornately appointed gin pubs of the late 1800's, set the perfect tone for the rest of the evening. Guests enjoyed the extensive list of cocktails and the unique vibe of the restaurant inspired by and named after a stop on the London Tube. The room was loud, the energy was high and people had fun...some even staying past 10:00PM.

This event was sponsored by Pacific Eagle Holdings Corporation