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Founder’s Circle

SPIRE wishes to recognize and express sincere gratitude to those individuals who make up the SPIRE Founder’s Circle. As a non-profit organization, SPIRE is supported by dues and by contributions from its members. 

Current members of the SPIRE Founder’s Circle are listed below:

  • Brian Avery
  • Loryn Arkow
  • Mike Biggar
  • Gregory Blaine
  • H. Terrence Blaine
  • Marge Blaine  
  • Susan Booth
  • Dan Broderick
  • James Buie
  • David Butler
  • Mark Cho
  • Louis S. Cohen  
  • Marty Clevenger 
  • Damon Dunn
  • Samuel Freshman
  • Theodore Gildred 
  • Amy Glad
  • Priyanka Goel 
  • Julie Gutzwiller
  • Chad Hagle
  • Andrew Hartzell
  • Soroush Kaboli
  • Herman Kelting
  • Bruce Kirsch
  • Manish Kumar
  • David Knowles
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Huiping Liao 
  • Jonathan Lischke 
  • Mike Lowe
  • Robert Lowe
  • Robert Lowe Jr.
  • Philip A. Mahoney
  • Gary McKitterick
  • Donald Nanney  
  • Chris Orosco
  • Patrick Orosco 
  • Matt Pear
  • Philip Porter
  • Stephen Roulac
  • Desiree Stahley 
  • Lydia Tan
  • Natalie Vania-Gandhi
  • Carol Wyant

SPIRE would not be able to execute its mission without its staff, regional leader volunteers, and Board of Directors who govern SPIRE's activities.