Education Programs

SPIRE, through its staff and member committees, works with faculty and program administrators at Stanford to promote and enhance research and programs involved in real estate and the built environment.

“SPIRE has been a great supporter of Stanford’s development of new educational models. Where many organizations are victims of their past, SPIRE clearly sees the challenges and opportunities of the future and will be a fine and steady partner as we move forward with our educational initiatives.”
- John Barton, Stanford Architectural Design Program

Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS)

The Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) initiative, spearheaded by Professor Sarah Billington, is a new program encouraging students and faculty from multiple backgrounds and departments at Stanford to create integrated urban infrastructure systems in a re-conceptualized educational setting. The key element to this program is the year-long team project between a company’s executives, mentors and Stanford students. SREC members have been asked to provide the real-life context for this program, including current industry challenges for the year-long projects, piloting new technology solutions that students create, giving guest lectures on campus, or providing summer internships to students.

SPIRE Faculty/Student Grants

SPIRE's sponsorship, grants and in-kind donations support Stanford’s faculty and students involved in the multi-disciplinary real estate education and research programs. For more information and applications, visit SPIRE Sponsorship.

Stanford University Real Estate Course List

Every academic year, SPIRE compiles a list of real estate-related courses offered at Stanford University for interested students. To request a copy of this helpful spreadsheet, please contact Tatum Payan.