Two of SPIRE’s Three Pillars are focused on giving back to the Farm through our focus on Student Outreach and Educational Program Development. Through sponsorship, grants and in-kind donations, SPIRE supports Stanford’s faculty and students involved in the multi-disciplinary real estate education and research programs.

SPIRE has a long track record of supporting Stanford faculty offering academic courses and Stanford students’ research, projects and competitions that align with SPIRE’s goals. In the past, SPIRE Sponsorship has supported faculty-led academic courses with grants ranging from $5,000-$12,000 (per course), and student research, projects and competitions with grants ranging from $500-$5,000 (per student or per team). In-kind sponsorship for students has included hotel rooms provided at no cost to students who must travel to real estate or other related competitions.

Sponsorship Applications

If you are Stanford faculty, please complete the Faculty Sponsorship Application.

If you are a current Stanford student, please complete the Student Sponsorship Application.

Completed applications should be submitted to [email protected]

SPIRE’s sponsorship program is limited to Stanford faculty and current students.


SPIRE evaluates applications at two points in the year. Please apply by November 1st for sponsorship to be granted in Fall and Winter Quarters. Please apply by February 28 for sponsorship to be granted for Spring and Summer Quarters.

Giving Back

SPIRE asks that each sponsorship beneficiary gives back to the SPIRE community in some creative way. Past recipients have presented their research projects at SPIRE events or conferences. All recipients will be required to write a brief summary of the SPIRE-sponsored course or research for our website.

Past Sponsorships

Fall 2019: Human Expo and Human Cities Initiative

Spring 2019: Nadia Kotova (PhD '22) - Search Frictions and Idiosyncratic Price Dispersion in the US Housing Market

Fall 2018/Spring 2019: Sustainable Urban Systems Projects

Fall 2018: Human Cities Expo and Human Cities Initiative

Spring 2018: Bushra Bataineh (MS '14, PhD '18) - Shelter solutions for displaced people and refugees in Zaatari Refugee Camp in North Jordan

Spring 2018: Terence Zhao (’19, MA ’19) - Race, housing and belonging in the San Gabriel Valley

Fall 2017: Human Cities Expo and Human Cities Initiative

2017 Stanford Team: Cornell International Real Estate Case Competition

Summer 2017: Nikhil Chaudhuri ('19) - Tibetan House Project

2016 Stanford Team: Cornell International Real Estate Case Competition

Learn More

For more information, please contact Executive Director, Lauren Barley - [email protected]