Off the Grid

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Knight Way, Stanford, CA, USA

Date and Time

Wednesday, May 1 2019 - 6:30 PM

Event Details

On May 1st, Matthew Cohen, founder and CEO of Off the Grid, spoke to ASPIRE members on how Off the Grid is innovating in the built-world by creating and activating physical places. He shared the company's philosophy toward creating authentic experiences that engage people and communities. He touched upon the impact food trucks and markets have on neighboring restaurants as well. Matthew shared Off the Grid's plans for growth and their recent initiatives to build a platform that connects food trucks, creators, and people with modular hardware and software.

Off the Grid is a mobile food and events platform that uses modular hardware and software infrastructure to provide temporary curated food experiences for public, private, and corporate clients. In the past year, the founder, Matthew Cohen, won the Small Business Person of the Year award by the National Small Business Association.