The tour

660 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

Date and Time

Friday, March 15 2019 - 1 PM

Event Details

ASPIRE students met with Michael Bordoni ('06, MS '10, MS '11) of Stanford Real Estate and two representatives of The Simon Property Group, which operates the Stanford Shopping Center. The students lucked out with some great weather to go along with the insightful and informative conversations they had on this tour. Michael began by giving the history of the shopping center as well as giving some of the rationale Stanford uses to manage its real estate. Jeff and Jan, of Simon Property, helped the students gain the perspective on the types of choices one must make to successfully run a high-profile shopping center. They also gave the students insight on how their careers in real estate came to be.

The group went through the various mixes of retails stores, restaurants, and other experience-based businesses that might take up residence in a shopping center. Jeff and Jan also gave an overview of anchor stores and how they impact the store mix of a shopping center. It was fascinating to learn how much the history of the shopping center played into the decisions made with regards to its future operation. The tour walked throughout the shopping center, stopping at various locations to discuss the buildings, aesthetics, operations, and store mixes.

To end the tour, Michael was very kind and joined the students for a quick bite at Yucca de Lac. There, he answered any questions that hadn’t been addressed on the tour and continued to share his knowledge and experiences with the students.