Cornell Tech, West Loop Road, New York, NY, United States

Date and Time

Monday, December 18 2017 - 6 PM

Event Details

SPIRE members and GSB alumni met on December 18th for a tour of the new Cornell Tech campus. Cornell Tech is the first academic campus fully conceptualized and designed for the digital age, bringing together academia and industry to create pioneering leaders and transformational new research, products, companies and social ventures. The campus comprises some of the most innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings in the world.

Cornell Tech was named the winner of then Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Administration’s visionary Applied Sciences Competition, designed with the goal of diversifying the economy and creating a national for tech hub. New York City officials estimate that the campus will generate more than 8,000 jobs, hundreds of spin-off companies and more than $23 billion in economic activity. The urban campus is built on 12 acres of City land in Roosevelt Island, including seamless integration of indoor and outdoor areas, expansive river-to-river views, and lots of green public spaces.

We visited the main campus buildings including The Bloomberg Center, The Bridge and The House; with the bulk of the tour focusing on The House, the world’s first residential high-rise built to Passive House standards, setting new benchmarks in sustainability and innovation. Monadnock Construction, the builders of The House, were our hosts for the evening, with a special talk on sustainable construction by project advisors, Steven Winter Associates Inc.

Following the tour, everyone gathered for casual appetizers and drinks at the Riverwalk Bar and Grill on Roosevelt Island.