ASPIRE Housing Panel

Stanford University

Date and Time

Thursday, March 16 2017 - 11 AM

Event Details

On Thursday night, March 16, ASPIRE hosted a housing panel, co-sponsored with Stanford in Government (SIG), to discuss the housing challenges facing the Bay Area and other metropolitan regions around the world.


The panel consisted of Elaine Uang ('00), Co­Founder and Board Member of Palo Alto Forward, Kathy Robinson, Director of Development for Charities Housing, and Jesse Vaughan, Co­Founder of Landed, Inc to provide housing perspectives from policy, non-profit, and entreprenurial standpoints respectively. Each panelist gave an overview of how they interact with the housing challenges facing the Bay Area, such as Charities Housing, which relies heavily on diverse sources of funds and tax-credits to make projects feasibile for populations that may not otherwise be supported by current market-rate housing. Specifically, the uncertain future surrounding Federal tax-credits and HUD funding is already having an effect on the feasibility of non-profit housing. Elaine Uang encouraged students to get invovled with local land-use since all projects that are built (or in some cases, not built) involve the local political process, and who shows up shapes the future of housing. Jesse Vaughan's Landed, Inc. tackles the housing challenges in the Bay Area in a unique way: providing down-payment assistance in exchange for equity in a home, which enables people, specifically public school teachers, to overcome one of the biggest hurdles to home ownership.


The panel was followed up with a moderated discussuion panel led by ASPIRE President Jason Lopata ('17), an Open Q&A, and closed with a mixer for students over beverages and pizza from the very popular Terún. Despite the fact that it was deadweek, the panel was well attended by students interested in housing issues and by the interesting breadth of the panelists.