Prof Nall

Hewlett Teaching center 102, Stanford University

Date and Time

Thursday, December 7 2017 - 12 PM

Event Details

On Dec 7, 2017, ASPIRE collaborated with Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) at Stanford to host a speaker event. Participants engaged in a talk with Clayton Nall, a professor in political science department, who has done extensive research on the policies that manipulate the geographic space change American elections, issue politics, and public policy. The discussion was central to the influential factors that shape people’s attitude towards affordable housing policy.

During the discussion, professor Nall illustrated an important point where home ownership correlated with individual support to affordable housing policies by showing the quantitative results in his research. This conversation brought up many interesting issues such as how social identity and status related to thoughts on housing development. Professor also extended the concept of home equity to the importance of housing distribution across urban and suburban areas.

This speaker event was an informative experience for ASPIRE members, SUS students, and the other attendees. ASPIRE believes that this event widened every participant’s horizons on urban development through political science lens.

ASPIRE is also looking forward to hosting more speaker series for more students on-campus in the next quarters.