Nvidia Tour

San Tomas Expressway and Walsh Avenue Santa Clara, CA 95050 United States

Date and Time

Wednesday, May 17 2017 - 9 AM

Event Details

ASPIRE students had the opportunity to visit the construction site of the new NVIDIA Headquarters in Santa Clara, a tour generously hosted by Meris Ota (MS '04) and Jeff Birdwell ('82, MS '83) of Sares Regis, and John O'Brien of NVIDIA.  The project is in its finishing stages of development, so attendees witnessed some of the finishing touches to the project being executed, saw furniture being brought into the building, and heard from the developers about some of the challenges and triumphs of delivering such a large project.


After the tour, student attendees had dinner together at a nearby restaurant, Jang Su Jang, where they had the chance to get to know one another better and think ahead toward what opportunities the student organization can pursue over years to come.