ASPIRE Rosewood

2825 Sand Hill Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Date and Time

Thursday, November 2 2017 - 12:30 PM

Event Details

On Nov 2, 2017, ASPIRE launched the first of its property tour series with a visit to the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel in Menlo Park. The tour was led by Avi Haksar, the Managing Director of Rosewood Sand Hill, and Michael Bordoni, the Director of Asset Management at the Stanford Real Estate Office.

Before the tour, the students enjoyed an ASPIRE-sponsored social lunch at Madera, a one-star Michelin restaurant on the hotel grounds. Students enjoyed dishes like seared New England scallop and Vodouvan spiced chicken while learning more about each other’s experience and interests in real estate.

After the meal, Mr. Haksar and Mr. Bordoni gave the students a brief history of the property, beginning with Stanford’s plan to develop the 21-acre parcel on Sand Hill in August 2004 and how the partnership between Stanford and Rosewood was formed. Mr. Haksar also explained the unique and valuable position that Rosewood Sand Hill holds relative to its peers. “Our entry-level guest rooms are over 500 sq.ft., which is very rare in this market,” Mr. Haksar described. “And every room features either a private terrace or balcony.” As part of the tour, students had the opportunity to visit the Luxury Suites, which feature fireplaces and separate powder rooms, and the Premier Rooms which have vaulted ceilings and phenomenal views of the outdoors – including flowering gardens and the pool and spa.

The students were also able to discuss interesting topics with Mr. Haksar and Mr. Bordoni, including one that revolved around the future of hotel industry with the advent of service robots. The topic came up after the students learned that Rosewood invests a lot of capital into its celebrated staff training program and other employee benefits. Service robots seemed likely to one day replace human service. However, Mr. Haksar said he believes it is very unlikely that robots can replace humans in the luxury segment: “At hotels like Rosewood, guests would still want to interact with humans, not robots,” said Mr. Haksar.  

All in all, the tour was a wonderful experience for the group of Stanford students, and ASPIRE is looking forward to exposing more students to the off-campus real estate ecosystem in future tours.