The Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame honors the legacy of Stanford University and its alumni as well as faculty and student achievements in the broadly defined fields of real estate.

In 2021, Stanford Professionals in Real Estate (SPIRE) will induct Melinda Ellis Evers (MBA '93) and Ron Sturzenegger ('82) into the Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame. They will be honored on November 18 at an induction banquet in Menlo Park at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club.

Members of the Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame from 2011-2019 include: Ed Friedrichs (’65), W. David Carey III (’77), Richard Kelley (’55), Chip Conley (’82, MBA ’84), Susan Meaney (’82), Jim Buie (MBA '80), Daniel Neidich (MBA '74), Bob Burke ('64, JD '67), Sam Freshman ('54, JD '56), Fred Allen ('61), Peter Bedford ('60), Bob Lowe (MBA '64), Tad Taube ('53, MS '57), Bowen "Buzz" McCoy ('58), William Tooley ('56), Henry Segerstrom ('46, MBA '48), Malin Burnham ('49), Donald Koll ('55), and William Wilson III ('58).

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The Genesis of the Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame

Over its 120-year history, Stanford has set a standard of excellence among educational institutions and has produced leaders in nearly every industry throughout the world. In the world of real estate in particular, Stanford has always been a leader, from its very foundation based upon a land grant from Leland Stanford to its presence in Northern California real estate to its wide array of alumni at the top of the real estate industry.

Given the illustrious history of Stanford alumni in the real estate industry, SPIRE has sought to find a meaningful and lasting way to honor the legacy of past industry luminaries and pioneers, as well as our living legends. Similarly, SPIRE has sought ways to distinguish the presence of the University within the world of real estate, given that there is not currently a formal program or school of real estate study at Stanford. After much thought and due deliberation, the Board of Directors of SPIRE adopted a plan to advance the formation of the Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame to honor the legacy of the University and its alumni within the broadly defined fields of real estate. It seems fitting within the domain of real estate to establish a physical presence within a built environment to pay such tribute.

The Great Ones: Criteria for Selecting Honorees

  • Sustained positive impact upon the broadly defined world of real estate over multiple generations of professionals
  • Universal recognition as an icon of the industry
  • Demonstrable contributions to the Stanford community as a whole
  • Consistently bestowing distinction upon themselves, their companies and Stanford University by maintaining a standard of excellence and achievement
  • A commitment to enhancing the education and professional development of younger individuals involved in real estate
  • A focus on the development and the wellbeing of the community, both locally and globally
  • Dedication to innovation within their chosen fields

Candidates for the Hall of Fame may be nominated for consideration by a member of the SPIRE Board of Directors or Board of Governors. The Board of Directors may select between one and four individuals to enter the Hall of Fame in each annual Hall of Fame class.

2021 Stanford Real Estate Hall of Fame Induction Banquet

Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club, Menlo Park


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